Production & Editorial by C. Andrew Hall



Frogtown is a 2011 feature film about Cassie (Alanna Blair), a young woman who, after an adolescence spent on the streets of Los Angeles has made her way back to her suburban family, drug-addled and just as confused as when she left. Her overbearing mother is only too happy to take her back and squeeze her into the mold of a clean, well-adjusted daughter, while her brother, her only anchor in the storm, is preparing to be shipped off to Iraq.

One evening, Cassie indulges in some old habits and afterwards passes out in an alley. When she wakes, she finds in her pocket a strange Polaroid. It is of herself lying beneath a man (Robert Manning Jr.) she has never seen before. This drunken brush with the unknown draws her away from home again and inexorably down a rabbit hole peopled with urchins, dealers, and a host of characters and places that the rest of the world has forgotten. For Cassie every moment is once again a choice, but this time every choice leads her closer to the strangers in the picture - not only the man whose name is whispered among vagrants, but the woman she thought she knew as well.

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, Frogtown DVDs are available and free upon request as long as they last. Simply email andy[at] to request a copy.